UBC Baseball - Junior Varsity Strength & Conditioning

  • The Junior Varsity Strength & Conditioning Program is delivered by UBC Baseball Strength & Conditioning staff and adheres to the same principles of athletic development that is used with our collegiate and professional athletes. Athletes can choose from several training options:
    • 3x/week - includes two resistance training sessions in the UBC varsity weight room and one movement skill training session in the indoor training centre each week.
    • 2x/week - includes athlete's choice of either two resistance training sessions each week, or one resistance training session and one movement skill training session each week.
    • 1x/week - includes athlete's choice of either one resistance training session each week, or one movement skill training session each week.


    • Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7:30pm - resistance training sessions in varsity weight room
    • Saturdays @ 11am - movement skill sessions in indoor training centre
    Please complete this form and then call 604.822.5770 or visit the UBC Baseball Indoor Training Centre to complete and pay for your registration.
  • Please enter a number less than or equal to 125.
  • Please describe your level of play and experience (ie. league, intermediate, etc.)
    If you are training one day per week, please select one option. If you are training more than once per week, please select a corresponding number of training days.
    Please choose the duration of your training pass.
  • NOTE

    Athletes are only allowed to train on their scheduled training days. Athletes cannot change between training days from week to week. With the approval of UBC training staff, an athlete may request to change a scheduled training day if sufficient notice is provided and provided, it does not affect equipment, space, or staffing requirements.